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With the CD "Momentos" Trio Mundo presents world-music:
South American rhythms (Latin American rhythms), Argentinean Tango and European melancholy blend into one another. The Spanish lyrics and Latin American rhythms come from the Argentinean Mundo Burgos. Bernhard Seidel and Theo Degler add European tone colour and unique combinations to the 13 titles.
Guitar, accordion, double bass and piano form a colourful world of sound in which Tango and Milonga, Latin-rock and Jazz, the rude lyrics of the Portenjos and the melancholic prose are in perfect harmony.
Guest musicians on the CD include the wonderful Luis Borda (guitar) and Caesar Granandos (percussion).
Listening-examples CD "Momentos"
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La Llave de la Fe 1:51 (mp3)
Bailar 1:54 (mp3)
Reencuentro 2:02 (mp3)
Ven, ven, ven 1:50 (mp3)
Otro Destino 2:27 (mp3)
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